Claim your Profile

The two cases where Fuzzy experts can claim profiles are as follows:

1. If the email addresses mentioned in the Experts directory match those used to sign-up then the Expert can set his/her password and activate the profile.

2. If the email addresses mentioned in the Experts directory do not match those used while signing up, then they can provide an ORCID or Google Scholar link that can be used by the system to verify an Experts profile.

Once an Expert creates an account on Fuzzy Insight, he/she will receive an email thanking them for registering at Fuzzy Insight and mentioning that their application for an account is currently pending approval. The email also mentions that once it has been approved, they will receive another e-mail containing information about how to log in, set your password, and other details.

Once the System verifies the email that the Expert used to signup is one that matches one, the website will assign either an expert or expert-editor role to be able to use the privileges assigned to his/her role.

Soon after this the Expert will receive an email with a link to setup the password